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Shifting Teeth Relapse: Retainer Solution
Lost retainer tooth shift
Teeth Shifting Issues

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Retainers: Lost - Broken - Avoided

Getting through traditional orthodontic treatment is difficult enough for many young patients... and young adults. Especially the younger patients.

The same could be said for older adults with active lifestyles or high visibility careers.

At the completion of most major orthodontic treatment plans, retainers almost routinely become a part of life.

Some patients only need to wear them at night to keep teeth in their desired positions.... others may need to wear them during the daytime only. Still others may have to wear them 24 hours per day.

Retainers can be removable or permanently placed... and are usually fabricated from combinations of acrylic and metallic materials.

Retainers are Necessary - They Really Are

No one knows this better than the patient who has stopped wearing their retainers, or has been using a cracked, loose or ill fitting retainer. Include too.... that group of patients who have more creative reasons why they don't use retainers.

Almost without exception.... they learn the hard way that retainers are needed to keep things where they are. And since teeth require slow, methodical movement..... any attempt to force an old retainer into a position that causes undue forces, can actually compromise the health of tooth roots and jawbone integrity.

Short Term Treatment Solution

For patients who have had only minor movements or shifting of their teeth during the period of no retainer usage.... they may be able to benefit from a treatment solution developed by Simpli5.

Consisting of only 5 clear aligner devices, many minor shifting and tooth rotation issues may be corrected without having to restart an entirely new orthodontic program.

Examples of tooth shifting, crowding and rotation issues are pictured here that represent the types of treatment needs that are successfully treated for most patients.

Viable Option for Corrections and Relapse Cases

  1. Most cases completed in 5 months or less
  2. Ideal for anterior teeth requiring minor or moderate correction
  3. Proven to be ideal for the 4 - 6 teeth that are visible when smiling
For more information about whether you are a candidate for Simpli5 Invislble Aligners, Ask your orthodontist or dentist.


Material provided through Dr. Ara Nazarian, Troy MI.

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