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Orthodontic treatment is a common need for a very large number of children, pre-teens, teenagers and young adults. Older patients often opt for getting teeth straightening procedures to straighten out a condition that was not treated during earlier developmental years.

Others may seek ortho treatment during adulthood to re-correct an aging orthodontic treatment that perhaps wasn't maintained well with the routine use of retainers that most ortho patients are familiar with.

Shifting teeth events can occur during our adult years that related to the choices we made or didn't make regarding general dentistry treatments. Too many extractions, failure to replace a tooth that causes adjacent teeth to shift or rotate, unusual occlusal issues that, through malocclusion, distort the relative positions of other teeth, etc.

Cosmetic Qualities During Treatments

Many adults however, just don't like wearing metal braces for 1-2 years or more for creating the text book alignment our dentists and orthodontists want us to have.

Invisalign Clear Aligners, have become world renowned for developing a system of orthodontic treatment that can do a wonder job of correcting a large number of popular or common issues. They are invisible, comfortable, easy to wear, simple to administer and overall.... are very successful in delivering what people want without wearing bulky metal brackets and wires.

Unfortunately there are some stubborn teeth alignment issues that don't respond as well as patients would like with Invisalign. Underbite conditions are also difficult to treat, as are severe tooth rotations. Tooth eruption abnormalities may also be an issue.

In complex treatments, some adults, while preferring the cosmetic conveniences of wearing invisible aligners (braces) .... may avoid treatment because of the time frame required for complex treatment needs.

Hybrid Treatment Plans

Some doctors (dentists and orthodontists) have developed orthodontic treatment plans that can accelerate tractional treatments into a time frame that can be radically reduced. Instead of 1-2 years of treatment time, adults can now have the option of having treatment completed in 6 months, or so.

A few of these orthodontic practitioners develop a hybrid treatment plan that incorporates bracing and wiring schemes that they have predetermined to be successful with their patients. Depending upon the experience of the doctor and need of the patient, adults are discovering they can get the cosmetic result they want... complete with correction of ortho issues within a time frame that is tolerable.

Just about the entire domain of tooth and jaw positioning issues are treated: Common issues would include gaps between teeth, overjet, tooth flaring, underbites, non-erupted teeth, overbite, malocclusion, tooth crowding, mid-line adjustment (front teeth are centered beneath the nose) and assuring proper cosmetic and functional matching of the upper (maxillary) jawbone with the lower (mandibular) jaw bone.

Rapid Ortho - Six Month Treatment Alternative

Case Study Example

Pictured here is an adult mouth that has the genetic defect of having an extra tooth in probably the most obvious location in a person's smile. The issue of extra teeth is not as uncommon as people would think. What is unusual here is the location of the condition.

Finances, family needs, medical and dental treatment needs of siblings, are some of the common factors that prevented this patient from obtaining treatment when he was younger. Now a young adult, who is becoming "cosmetic conscious" he wanted treatment to fix the problem and have an attractive smile but without the inconvenience of conventional long term treatments.

Invisalign, in an academic sense, could have been a feasible option for this young man, once the unwanted tooth was extracted. The time frame required however was totally unacceptable.

The use of traditional orthodontic products and procedures were incorporated into a treatment hybrid that accelerated orthodontic adjustments. Frequent visits and frequent monitoring and graduated wire adjustments enabled the doctor to create the cosmetic, orthodontic and functional result wanted by the patient... in about six months.

Achieving cosmetic goals of orthodontically balanced teeth is comfortable and DOES NOT involve over-tightening of the braces. Tightening braces too often can destroy connective tissue, cause pain and produce the opposite results.

The doctor used a proprietary wire product that exerts a steady and gentle force where it is needed the most. Pain is an non-event. Frequent monitoring produces, for most patients, the correction desired in about six months.


Material, case study and photos provided by:
Ara Nazarian, D.D.S.
Michigan Reconstructive Implant Dentistry
1857 East Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI 48083
(248) 457-0500

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