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Orthodontic Treatment Planning for Adults versus Non-adult

Many adults have learned, over the years, that orthodontic treatment needs that are not treated within a recommended time frame not only tend to linger, but become more defined or complex.

Despite having text book definitions of optimal oral health habits, the forces of occlusion and predisposed growth patterns will create or impose occlusal forces and events that can make tooth alignment and jaw alignment issues more pronounced.

Cumulative Effects of Non Treatment or Early Termination

Adults who have had ortho treatments during their developmental years, but experienced early termination of treatment due to unforeseen events (financial, moving, family health needs, etc) or "benign" failure to follow through with the usual recommendation of using retainers, oftentimes face the need for complete retreatment.

Adult Vanity or Practicality?

Wearing braces during our youth is not quite the same however, as wearing braces when we are employed or preparing to enter the work world. This "practical vanity" that adults have towards traditional metal braces was a major influencing factor in what made Invisalign the most popular invisible tooth straightening and alignment treatment available today.

Invisalign is world renowned for meeting the orthodontic needs of young and older adults, producing results with the most cosmetic and comfort convenience.

Beyond Invisalign

Despite the efficiency and acceptability of Invisalign treatments, there are, nonetheless, treatment needs that exceed the limits of what Invisalign Clear Aligners can correct.

Significant tooth rotations, malpositioning of teeth, severe flaring, extreme overbite and varying degrees of underbite can respond poorly to Invisalign treatment planning.

More Alternatives for Adults

Tooth rotations and phenomenon of shifting teeth that accrue from the failure to keep up with using retainers (daytime, night time, full time) are not uncommon.

Instant Orthodontics refers to the crsative procedures the incorporate veneers and sometimes porcelain crowns to create results typically associated with the cosmetic results of traditional ortho.

Many adults who deem themselves as not candidates for Invisalign treatment (by virtue of time element or poor predictable outcome) often choose the use of veneer and/or porcelain crown treatments to create the cosmetic result that was "missed."

A treatment example for a young female patient who had, at first glance, great looking teeth but nonetheless opted for a reconstructive alternative to surgery based orthognathic surgery can be reviewed here.

Mismatches between upper and lower jaw sizing while most often defining the conditions and symptoms frequently associated with the recommmendation of Orthognathic surgery is sometimes managed through the use of Reconstructive Dentistry which, although often not a cost saving alternative, produces the desired orthodontic results within a short time frame without the inconvenience of oral surgery followed up with long term braces.

Some creative reconstructive dentists and orthodontists have developed proprietary procedures for accelerating orthodontic teeth straightening that can be completed in as little as 5 to 6 months. A few of these treatment designs or protocols have been patented by their creators. Here is one example of 6 month rapid orthodontics.

Extended Invisalign treatments are used by some dentists to correct even the most stubborn orthodontic problems of adults.... exceeding the 12 - 16 month treatment average for Invisalign Clear Aligners.

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